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Detsember 2020

Saime toetuse Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondist Loe lähemalt!  ja tegime koostööd Delta Sandboxiga

Detsember 2020

Alustasime arendusega ja tiimiga liitus turundusspetsialist

Märts 2020

GRASPIC on turvaline mobiilirakendus, mis on mõeldud eriliste peremälestuste salvestamiseks

  • Rakendusse saad salvestada pilte, videoid ja lisada neile juurde lugusid

  • Saad rakendust kasutama kutsuda ka oma pereliikmed ja lähedased sõbrad - Sinu lapse profiili näevad ainult Sinu kutsutud inimesed

  • Kutsutud kasutajad saavad ka ise lapse kohta hetki lisada ja neid kommenteerida

  • Rakendus võimaldab jälgida lapse arengut

  • Avasta uusi ideid, mida perega koos teha

  • Rakendus on turvaline - me ei jaga Sinu sisu kolmandate isikutega

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Suvi 2019

Jõudsime Ajujahi TOP30 hulka

24. november 2019

Gerta ja Triinu asutasid Graspicu (algselt Toddler Diary)

21. november 2018


Graspicu lugu...

Graspic on kahe Eesti ema loodud mobiilirakendus. Triinu ja Gerta ei leidnud head rakendust ega võimalust, millega kiirelt ja lihtsalt peremälestusi salvestada. Kuigi on olemas palju erinevaid rakendusi piltide hoiustamiseks, puudus võimalus anda pildile konteksti ja leida need kõige erilisemad hetked. Täpselt nagu elu lastega on lõbus, kuid kiire, usume, et peremälestuste salvestamine peaks olema samasugune. Täpselt selleks Graspic loodud ongi!


Gabe McIntrye

Gamification Expert and a Mentor

Gabe is the embodiment of awesomeness. He is a crazy creative digital artist, video geek and game designer. He has 20+ years of experience in the game, video and film industry which makes him a total A-player. Gabe owns his own production company and has worked with giants like Coca-Cola and BMW. He helps make Graspic the coolest and most engaging memory saving software out there.


Triinu Epler

Kaasasutaja ja tegevjuht

When Triinu was little, she used to look at the family photo albums for hours together with her mom and dad. After losing her father at a young age, spending time with him this way is still something she holds very close to her heart. In Graspic, she is on a mission to give parents the tools and motivation for collecting family memories to share them with their kids. As a CEO, Triinu is a flexible and fast thinker who likes to get things done. Having previously worked as a consultant for Finnair and Wisecars, she has considerable knowledge in business processes and development. Triinu has three small girls growing at home.

Gerta Sarv

Kaasasutaja ja tootejuht

Gerta had her daughter at the beginning of her 20s while life was super busy. Although she valued recording all of the important moments of her firstborn child, she really never succeeded in that. There was always tomorrow or the belief that some moments are impossible to forget. 10 years later, she only has a handful of stories to tell her daughter - the ones she photographed or put down on paper. Having a background in psychology and working with small children, Gerta firmly believes sharing stories unites the family and has a beneficial impact on the children´s well-being. In Graspic, she is responsible for creating solutions that users can really benefit from. Gerta has a son and a daughter.

Christina Värno


Christina is young and enthusiastic communications student whose greatest passion is marketing. She is a member of University of Tartu´s Marketing Club´s management team. Christina likes photography and making photo albums, she thinks collecting memories is very important. Christina´s mission is to spread the word about Graspic to every household so every family has a chance to use this solution to save their stories.

Juri Mosolainen


Juri is a real team player who never loses his cool when the moms´ crazy ideas start overflowing. With a background in working on big software projects in Fujitsu, he has a good eye for detail and the ability to make complicated developments easily digestible for our development team. Juri joined us to help build something valuable for others to use.

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Currently, we are looking for a highly skilled international marketer. If our mission strikes a chord, leave us your contacts and we would be happy to get to know you. However, if you are not a marketer but just a wonderful person who wants to contribute to our mission, be sure to let us know as well.


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